Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Free Easy Visitors for Your Blog - The existing link

If you ever wonder, why have I named this blog, as "Simulating Normal"; here's the story!

As I was a teenager, like the rest of us, I was stumbling upon websites, searching the webs, scrolling through facebook and reading Uncyclopedia.

As I began reading, through Uncyclopedia, I searched the articles that mattered to me, like the articles about, Islam, religion, psychology, physics and blogging, for I am a blogger, having a lot of blog, in French, English and Arabic (نسيم الفجر / مدونة هل تعلم).

As a blogger, the one thing that you care about, is marketing your blog, and catching visitors. So, as I am reading through the "Blog" article, of the Uncyclopedia, a passage, shown below, struck my attention, having an actual link, linking to a  yet non existing blog, on blogspot; so, it was the opportunity, thus, the name and the adventure, began.
"2005 -Marge Ingersol fires her nanny only to realize that the nanny turns every single email as well as her confidential court records in to a blog titled Simulating Normal which attracts attention from Random House Publishing." source: Blog-Uncylocpedia.

I welcome you to my blog, which is a little extension of my wandering mind. Have a good visit folks!

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