Thursday, July 16, 2015

Introduction to Manhood, on Bell Chat Service

While searching the internet for little funny gems, I found a nice chat between a customer and an English Bell's chat agent.

The story is that, the father wants heis son, to be a man, to be responsible for his own actions, decisions and bills; as a birthday gift.

A manly gift! Here's the transcript (The names were edited, for sure):
Visiteur: Your name: John Doe
Visiteur: Your question: I would like to add my son John Doe Junior as an authorized user to this account so he can deal with this account as he wishes. Including cancelling, changing or transferring numbers etc.
Customer Rep: Hi John! I can definitely help you in adding your son as your Authorized Person.
Visiteur: great - then I will let him deal with things as he wishes from now on.
Visiteur: I think he wants a new phone and maybe a new provider - but thats up to him now.
Customer Rep: I see you are receiving the information summary for any modification done on your account through regular mail which can take up to 2 weeks for you to receive. Would you like me to change that so you receive them through email within 24 hours? This will allow you to see any changes done on your account much more quickly.
Visiteur: ok - anything else needed from my end?
Visiteur: yes please
Visiteur: my email is
Customer Rep: Perfect!
Customer Rep: I'll be asking you 2 questions for us to add your son as your authorized person, would that be fine?
Visiteur: but he authorized effective now correct?
Visiteur: sure
Customer Rep: Great!
Customer Rep: First, may I know the date and the amount of your last payment?
Visiteur: [...] due right now
Customer Rep: Great!
Customer Rep: My last question, can you give me atleast 2 frequently called numbers on this account?
Visiteur: probably mine at [...] and his Mom at [...]
Visiteur: He doesnt phone much
Customer Rep: Great!
Customer Rep: I already added your son, John Doe Junior as your authorized person of this account.
Customer Rep: Your satisfaction is my priority. Is there anything else that I can help you with today?
Visiteur: ok - super. I will let him go about making his own choices. It was his birthday on June 8th - 20 - so he is on his own now!
Visiteur: no that should be fine. I will tell him after he gets home from work.
Visiteur: thanks.
Customer Rep: Wow! You are teaching him on how to become responsible for his actions. How sweet of you.
Visiteur: Thats what Dads are for ;-)
Customer Rep: Thanks for chatting in adding your son as your authorized person, have an awesome day! To close the chat, just click the "Close" button on the top right-hand corner of the chat window. Thanks again!

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