Sunday, August 10, 2014

Stress free lifestyle

It has been weeks since I did write an entry in this blog. It was mainly because of procrastination. Anyhow, I'll get straight to the point, not like my other entries.

I want to know what causing me stress in my daily life, and what reduces it and makes my mind clear.

Stress triggers:
  • Doing house chores in a busy restless way.
  • Staying between four walls for extended periods of time.
  • Procrastination. I procrastinate to be temporary stress free, but later in the day, I find myself with a lot of to-dos.
  • Not having a pattern, or standard stress free rituals.
I should seriously change my life style.

Stress free activities (Activities that brings mindfulness and awaraness):
  • Sitting in the park at Bab Rouah / Avenue de la Victoire (Rabat), at night time.
  • Sitting in the roof of my house, by night, besides the door.
  • Listening to the music aired on the radio (LUXE Radio, Rabat Chaine Inter), in a mundful-like state.
  • Writing down thoughts clear headed.