Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The NoFap journey

1 NoFap

This is my first logged day of NoFap. I hope it'll give my decision a solid background, and will monitor my self discipline.

It wasn't that hard for the first day, but for someone who had made masturbation a habit, it's quite annoying to not choke the monkey when you feel like it.

I was quite aroused when I ded see thick curvy women over the Internet. I was aroudsed only bu thick women, because I think it's the right form and size for a healthy and sexually appealing woman (My "girlfriend" is/was think).

I think I'll be fine for the second day of the challenge, though I'm not sure, because I'm assuming according to my current emotional state.

The feel:

I am more aware than yesterday, because I did took a brake from the internet later in the evening, and I'm much more clear header than yesterday. Yes, much more clear header, but not satisfied nor happy, because I'm still in a sedentary lifestyle right now, not much social interaction.

So called excuses:

Instead of unplugging from the Internet earlier, all I did was mindlessly surfing, hoping that my smartphone order (Samsung Trend Lite), over Jumia, was confirmed. All my day was wasted, for this one simple "trojan" of a task. I should have made it clear with my self: It's now or never.

How's my day?

It was pretty much boring and unproductive. May I say, I made it boring and unproductive, because of mu lack of mindfulness and self-discipline.

I called my "girlfriend", talked to her, but I wasn't emotionnally prepared. I'm never ready, that's it. I have to make sure from now on to be always ready, because you know what's going to happen, the next moment you go out and take a break.

I am a young man, I should and will behave like a young man.

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