Monday, July 7, 2014

Starting entry, for the luck, for the life choices

The feels:

I am generally, not satisfied with and about my self. I am not happy in this particular time, feeling kind of "meh". I want to do everything, explore, try, experience, live, but I do nothing. I feel like a failure. I am anxious, I can't focus much, have a poor self discipline, even though I look like I know what to do.

So called excuses:

I feel lost, because my emotional life is falling a part. My "girlfriend" has made it clear, that she's needing some space and some time for herself, and I agree with her. The thing is, I'm not emotionnaly mature for her, nor for my age. I'm not street smart, lacking of common sense, and don't judge properly. I can write a lot of things about my actual self, but I choose so stop, in order to write and keep track of my whole day-to-day self, not just the emotional side.

How's my day?

My day had sucked ! I didn't do anything to be acclaimed for, except starting this journal, wich I hope will keep me company, and give me insight about my life.

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