Wednesday, July 9, 2014

About my Internet addiction

The story

The start of my day, as opposite of the other days, was good. I did rest, drank my coffee and watched a movie over the TV. Then, I did turn on my computer and checked my favorite websites over the Internet (4chan, reddit, facebook).

Those websites are fun, informative, but very addictive and time consuming. For the sake of reading one reddit post or one thread over 4chan boards, I end up with 20 different tabs open and 4 hours of precious time wasted.

The Internet itself isn't bad, but how we use it, and how mindful we are when we use it, are the cause of negative consequences like addiction. I now know the problem, thus, I should work for helping myself out.

How's my day:

After mindlessly surfing over the Internet, I did manage to ride on my bike and go out. To be honest, I was very anxious at the beginning. It might have a link with the fact that I did spent to much time over the Internet, thus, making mayself more stressed and overwhelmed.

Tomorrow, I'll surf the Internet, but just for checking out my emails and stuff. I'll cut back the time consuming websites, and see how my overall emotional health and common sense will be.

NoFap: Day 1

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