Thursday, December 17, 2015

Top 10 Benefits of Running For Your Health & Mind

Since I started my night job as a customer service reprisentative, and combining it with a daily evening class, my overall health has started to suffer.. So, I decided, why not, give my self and my body a little boost, by starting running.

The problem is, I lack motivation, so I started searching for reasons to start running, and I found this Infographic (show below), that I hope you will find helpful as much as it was for me.

(Click here for full resolution)
If you can't see the image, here's the top 10 benefits:
  1. Overall mental health
  2. Lessen effects of asthma
  3. Helps prevents high blood pressure
  4. Strong immune system
  5. Weight loss
  6. Physical strength
  7. Increase bone density
  8. Joint strength and stability
  9. Personal control
  10. Reduce effects of diabetes

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Free Easy Visitors for Your Blog - The existing link

If you ever wonder, why have I named this blog, as "Simulating Normal"; here's the story!

As I was a teenager, like the rest of us, I was stumbling upon websites, searching the webs, scrolling through facebook and reading Uncyclopedia.

As I began reading, through Uncyclopedia, I searched the articles that mattered to me, like the articles about, Islam, religion, psychology, physics and blogging, for I am a blogger, having a lot of blog, in French, English and Arabic (نسيم الفجر / مدونة هل تعلم).

As a blogger, the one thing that you care about, is marketing your blog, and catching visitors. So, as I am reading through the "Blog" article, of the Uncyclopedia, a passage, shown below, struck my attention, having an actual link, linking to a  yet non existing blog, on blogspot; so, it was the opportunity, thus, the name and the adventure, began.
"2005 -Marge Ingersol fires her nanny only to realize that the nanny turns every single email as well as her confidential court records in to a blog titled Simulating Normal which attracts attention from Random House Publishing." source: Blog-Uncylocpedia.

I welcome you to my blog, which is a little extension of my wandering mind. Have a good visit folks!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Introduction to Manhood, on Bell Chat Service

While searching the internet for little funny gems, I found a nice chat between a customer and an English Bell's chat agent.

The story is that, the father wants heis son, to be a man, to be responsible for his own actions, decisions and bills; as a birthday gift.

A manly gift! Here's the transcript (The names were edited, for sure):
Visiteur: Your name: John Doe
Visiteur: Your question: I would like to add my son John Doe Junior as an authorized user to this account so he can deal with this account as he wishes. Including cancelling, changing or transferring numbers etc.
Customer Rep: Hi John! I can definitely help you in adding your son as your Authorized Person.
Visiteur: great - then I will let him deal with things as he wishes from now on.
Visiteur: I think he wants a new phone and maybe a new provider - but thats up to him now.
Customer Rep: I see you are receiving the information summary for any modification done on your account through regular mail which can take up to 2 weeks for you to receive. Would you like me to change that so you receive them through email within 24 hours? This will allow you to see any changes done on your account much more quickly.
Visiteur: ok - anything else needed from my end?
Visiteur: yes please
Visiteur: my email is
Customer Rep: Perfect!
Customer Rep: I'll be asking you 2 questions for us to add your son as your authorized person, would that be fine?
Visiteur: but he authorized effective now correct?
Visiteur: sure
Customer Rep: Great!
Customer Rep: First, may I know the date and the amount of your last payment?
Visiteur: [...] due right now
Customer Rep: Great!
Customer Rep: My last question, can you give me atleast 2 frequently called numbers on this account?
Visiteur: probably mine at [...] and his Mom at [...]
Visiteur: He doesnt phone much
Customer Rep: Great!
Customer Rep: I already added your son, John Doe Junior as your authorized person of this account.
Customer Rep: Your satisfaction is my priority. Is there anything else that I can help you with today?
Visiteur: ok - super. I will let him go about making his own choices. It was his birthday on June 8th - 20 - so he is on his own now!
Visiteur: no that should be fine. I will tell him after he gets home from work.
Visiteur: thanks.
Customer Rep: Wow! You are teaching him on how to become responsible for his actions. How sweet of you.
Visiteur: Thats what Dads are for ;-)
Customer Rep: Thanks for chatting in adding your son as your authorized person, have an awesome day! To close the chat, just click the "Close" button on the top right-hand corner of the chat window. Thanks again!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Stress free lifestyle

It has been weeks since I did write an entry in this blog. It was mainly because of procrastination. Anyhow, I'll get straight to the point, not like my other entries.

I want to know what causing me stress in my daily life, and what reduces it and makes my mind clear.

Stress triggers:
  • Doing house chores in a busy restless way.
  • Staying between four walls for extended periods of time.
  • Procrastination. I procrastinate to be temporary stress free, but later in the day, I find myself with a lot of to-dos.
  • Not having a pattern, or standard stress free rituals.
I should seriously change my life style.

Stress free activities (Activities that brings mindfulness and awaraness):
  • Sitting in the park at Bab Rouah / Avenue de la Victoire (Rabat), at night time.
  • Sitting in the roof of my house, by night, besides the door.
  • Listening to the music aired on the radio (LUXE Radio, Rabat Chaine Inter), in a mundful-like state.
  • Writing down thoughts clear headed.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

About my Internet addiction

The story

The start of my day, as opposite of the other days, was good. I did rest, drank my coffee and watched a movie over the TV. Then, I did turn on my computer and checked my favorite websites over the Internet (4chan, reddit, facebook).

Those websites are fun, informative, but very addictive and time consuming. For the sake of reading one reddit post or one thread over 4chan boards, I end up with 20 different tabs open and 4 hours of precious time wasted.

The Internet itself isn't bad, but how we use it, and how mindful we are when we use it, are the cause of negative consequences like addiction. I now know the problem, thus, I should work for helping myself out.

How's my day:

After mindlessly surfing over the Internet, I did manage to ride on my bike and go out. To be honest, I was very anxious at the beginning. It might have a link with the fact that I did spent to much time over the Internet, thus, making mayself more stressed and overwhelmed.

Tomorrow, I'll surf the Internet, but just for checking out my emails and stuff. I'll cut back the time consuming websites, and see how my overall emotional health and common sense will be.

NoFap: Day 1


Fail blog

I am not happy right now. I got a call from "girlfriend"; she came to me asking for a mutual project, that I jocked about, but in the wrong timing. She's kinda ignoring my calls and texts, and I think she'll use it as an excuse to stop talking to me after.

My words weren't harmful, but I was pathetic and immature, that's what's caused her to end the call and give me the cold shower. May I say that I relapsed on the NoFap challenge, but I shall not loathe myself for it, though, I think it might have a link with me being obnoxious at the moment. I should stop myself, from sabotaging myself.

How's my day?

Not much to talk about. I'm not in the mood to continue writing, right now. Maybe tomorrow..

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The NoFap journey

1 NoFap

This is my first logged day of NoFap. I hope it'll give my decision a solid background, and will monitor my self discipline.

It wasn't that hard for the first day, but for someone who had made masturbation a habit, it's quite annoying to not choke the monkey when you feel like it.

I was quite aroused when I ded see thick curvy women over the Internet. I was aroudsed only bu thick women, because I think it's the right form and size for a healthy and sexually appealing woman (My "girlfriend" is/was think).

I think I'll be fine for the second day of the challenge, though I'm not sure, because I'm assuming according to my current emotional state.

The feel:

I am more aware than yesterday, because I did took a brake from the internet later in the evening, and I'm much more clear header than yesterday. Yes, much more clear header, but not satisfied nor happy, because I'm still in a sedentary lifestyle right now, not much social interaction.

So called excuses:

Instead of unplugging from the Internet earlier, all I did was mindlessly surfing, hoping that my smartphone order (Samsung Trend Lite), over Jumia, was confirmed. All my day was wasted, for this one simple "trojan" of a task. I should have made it clear with my self: It's now or never.

How's my day?

It was pretty much boring and unproductive. May I say, I made it boring and unproductive, because of mu lack of mindfulness and self-discipline.

I called my "girlfriend", talked to her, but I wasn't emotionnally prepared. I'm never ready, that's it. I have to make sure from now on to be always ready, because you know what's going to happen, the next moment you go out and take a break.

I am a young man, I should and will behave like a young man.